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The early man ate berries and roots that he gathered. After he discovered fire, he was able to cook and eat meat from the small animals that he hunted. He learned that, if he sharpened a stick, it might help him dig up the roots faster than his bare hands. That is how progress came to exist. A necessity should have a solution. Music is embraced in every culture, and is used to celebrate events and also to pass the appropriate messages across. With the introduction of the stereo and tech music gadgets, abuse has resulted to noise. The need to invent earplugs resulted. Without a necessity, an answer cannot occur.

The school syllabuses all over the world keeps enlarging using the growth of technology. The pc is embraced in the classroom, to allow students carry fewer books to the class. A student can learn along with others online from the corner of the globe. People can work and be paid online; since the world is now a worldwide village, thanks to the introduction from the internet. Open surgeries need a large amount of healing time; clever minds have come track of a medical computer which makes surgeries less evasive with shorter healing time. Necessity drives the potential of man to generate a solution.

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Team viewer is software that was invented, because individuals needed assistance on ways to use the computer. A person can help a colleague finish a task, when he/she goes on an outing from a computer all over the world. Life is simplified through inventions. When a necessity occurs, the solution invented becomes a project that benefits the our children and grandchildren. The conventional of just living gets better with one of these inventions. Technologies are the data of higher utilization of tools to make life easier as well as higher quality. A necessity is good because it creates room for advancement.

The newer generations usually surpassed the older ones. Children born where mobile phones and iPods would be the everyday items, convey more information, to come up with greater inventions making their lives easier compared to older generations. Information is free and readily available today, the internet provides the perfect platform, where forums can discuss a problem along with a solution found. Ideas gathered helps the people develop an invention which will take care of the necessity. Communication is essential, like a necessity is brought to light, along with a solution is found when like-minded people come together. A necessity is profitable, because the invention may become a trade.

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